«Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, Today is a gift»
                                    From Elenor Roosewelt

Swiss Fondue House

We herewith like to explain who we are and why we came to this Country to open a Swiss restaurant.

Beginning of April 2012 my wife, Antonietta, and I arrived in the United States from Switzerland as investors. We were in the process to apply for a permanent visa. We were both born and raised in Switzerland and have worked in the restaurant business for many years.

We decided to bring a unique Swiss food tradition to California and open a Fondue Stuebli. We were able to sublease a facility in Old World Village in Huntington Beach, a perfect location to bring a little bit of Switzerland tradition to a village that already attracts customers that like to experience a European village feeling with stores and restaurants.
With us we brought family heirlooms dating back 1000 years and serve our food in  authentic Swiss dishes. The tastefully decorated dinning and patio area  with unique items brought from Switzerland makes guests feel like they are in Switzerland.

The restaurantwas small but perfect for us to get started. Our concept is, to keep, with our authentic food and the unique restaurant design, our guest as long as possible at the table and in our restaurant. And with our fondue card game, our guests had that match fun,  they mostly stayed a long time in the restaurant and consumedfood and drink. They hadreally a relax time. 
This Restaurant became rather quickly very successful. We had guests from San Diego, Los Angeles and New York  even from Seattle. We were the only one with such concept in the whole southern California area.


But unfortunately we had no luck with the lolation. We had a sublease. End of May 2013 we decided to move on, close our very successful business and look for a new location.

Needless to say, the startup was very hard and with that we have lost a lot of money by simply moving and now starting all over again. We said, we would start the same kind of business again, serving healthy light lunches and of course Swiss specialties like Cheese Fondues, Cheese Raclette and Meat Fondues along other favorites.


After a long search for the right restaurant we found the “empty” restaurant in Idyllwild CA. This wonderful restaurant seemed to be right for us and we decided to rent this space. The Swiss Fondue House that we like to open has a very positive response from surrounding businesses and new guests that came to see us.

We will try our best to provide Idyllwild and look forward to a positive time.

So have much fun in our world of experience!



Peter Zuber