Have time: You are here to relax, so please take your time! This is an easy-going, relaxing dining culture and style where your food is cooked just the way you want it, and at your own table. Conversation and even romance, one is a big part of the Fondue and Raclette experience. We wish you an enjoyable meal!


Our Cheeses: (we only use original Swiss cheese)
The basic recipe includes Gruyère and Vacherin cheese, but you can also use various other cheeses, such as: Emmentaler, Raclette, Appenzeller, Tilsiter and Sbrinz. Soft cheeses are really only intended to change the taste. So, the bravest of you can add a piece of Gorgonzola or Schabziger into the fondue mix.


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Dinner Menucard
Swiss Fondue House, Menucard Dinner.pdf
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