Nüsslersalat, Mache lamp's lettuce,eggs,cruotons,bacon bits,swissdressing
Farmersalat, Saladmix, eggs, cruotons, bacon bits, Swissdressing
Waldfest, with Cervelat or Landjäger  breat, onions mustard and pickles  garnishing
Swiss Plate, mixed dry-cured meat, swisscheese, onions, pickles
Swiss sausage Bratwurst with bread and mustard  
Swiss sausage Cervelat with bread and mustard             

Garlic Bread, white baquette studded with garlic and butter



                                                    Side orders

Seasonal veggi plate, boilet garden vegetables

Boiled potatoes, warm potatoes



Corking fee: $10.00 per Bottle. All prices excluding tips and taxes.

Credit Cards and Cash accepted only - no checks. We have the right to

refuse service to anyone. We are not responsible for stolen or lost articles.
Fondue and Raclette heaters are HOT. To avoid getting burned, please
do not touch the heaters!