ABC of the Fondue and Raclette
Have time:
You are here to relax, so please take your time! This is an easy-going, relaxing dining culture and style where your food is cooked just the way you want it, and at your own table. Conversation and even romance, one is a big part of the Fondue and Raclette experience. We wish you an enjoyable meal!


Swiss fondue is considered the national dish of Switzerland, but this is not really correct. It’s real origin lies in the Savoy Alps, from where it then came over the mountains to Switzerland.

Cheeses: (we only use original Swiss cheese)
The basic recipe includes Gruyère and Vacherin cheese, but you can also use various other cheeses, such as: Emmentaler, Raclette, Appenzeller, Tilsiter and Sbrinz. Soft cheeses are really only intended to change the taste. So, the bravest of you can add a piece of Gorgonzola or Schabziger into the fondue mix..

Fondue is enjoyed all year round in Switzerland. In summer the Swiss fondue can replace the outisde barbecue in the garden.

Game rules:

Whoever loses his bread in the fondue has to pay a price... that penalty is the only penalty in Switzerland that nobody has a problem paying. The penalty for a lost piece of bread in the fondue is as follows: if it is the husband or boyfriend that committed this crime, then he has to pay for a round of drinks or schnapps for everyone at the table!. If it is the wife or girl-friend, she has to kiss her partner. These penalties could be the reason that Swiss fondue is so popular in Switzerland and Europe in general!

Coup du Milieu: 
This is the so-called cherry flavor that is good for digestion.


The bread used for dipping is cut in cube form, so that it can adhere well to the dipping fork.

One can also add to the fondue fork not only bread but also cooked potato, lightly cooked cauliflower and broccoli florets, fresh mushrooms and pieces of apple or pear. Pineapple containing the enzyme bromelain can be added also, and is good for digestion. This exotic fruit is a perfect fit for dipping into the fondue, or eaten as the crowning dessert.